Tackle Your Project Safely in Pontiac, IL

Tackle Your Project Safely in Pontiac, IL

Expose wires and utilities with our hydro-excavation services

You don't want your construction project to grind to a halt because you hit a utility line. That's why it's important to locate all utilities before you get started. H.J. Eppel & Co., Inc. in Pontiac, IL locates utilities through hydro-excavation. We can find your utilities without damaging any of your lines.

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Why you need hydro-excavation services

Hydro-excavation is a reliable way to take on any excavation project safely. This process can:

  • Clear room for new utility lines
  • Uncover electrical lines without damaging them
  • Suction away dirt, mud and debris from utility lines

We use potholing for utilities when trying to find electrical or plumbing lines. This means we’ll use water and suction to create a pothole and locate your underground utilities without damaging them. Contact us now for more information about potholing for utilities.