Earthwork, Utilities and Underground Construction

Start Off Your Construction Project Smoothly

Start Off Your Construction Project Smoothly

Choose our trusted team for land grading in Pontiac, IL

Complicated jobs like creating intersecting tunnels require an expert. H.J. Eppel & Co., Inc. in Pontiac, IL can manage your underground construction project. We dig tunnels using GPS grade-control and machine-control technology to make sure everything comes together perfectly.

Email us now if it's time to install a storm sewer, sanitary sewer or water main on your property.

Wondering if we can manage your project?

Whether you need underground construction or land grading services, you can trust our experienced team. Our land services include:

  • Grading and leveling land
  • Excavating a property as needed
  • Clearing land before a project begins

From mass excavation and grading to handling grubbing and intersection work, we know how to do it all. You won’t have to worry about finding another excavating contractor to finish your project. Call 815-844-7269 today to discuss your land grading project with our pro.